Google Ads Campaign for Beginners : Step-by-Step Guide

New with Google Ads campaign? Don’t worry because this Google Ads tutorial will guide you through detailed easy-to-follow steps on how to step up, run, and earn from Google Ads. Learn everything from A-Z so you can create a profitable Google Ads campaign.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use ads on Google to get more visibility for your business. Here is a clear guide on how to advertise on Google.

What’s up ahead:

  • Expand Your Keywords
  • Tools
  • Try New Ad Copy Ideas
  • Improve Your Quality Score
  • Actionable Advice
  • Advanced Options
  • Optional – Use AdWords Templates to fast-track your campaign setupExpand Your Keywords

How to Create a Google Ads Campaign

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. On the left-side menu, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button, then select New campaign.
  4. Select your advertising objective for the campaign.
  5. Scroll down, then choose your conversion goals and click Continue. …
  6. Choose your campaign type and click Continue.

that help you dig deeper into Google Ads.-A Useful Guide Google Ads Account Tutorial for Beginners

Keywords can be expanded by reviewing what is working for your competition

Your competitors have already tried strategies for the exact group of people that you’re targeting. Find out what worked, and learn from what did not.

Be on the lookout for patterns and patterns of sameness. If a competitor has an advertisement based on a keyword, it’s noteworthy. If that competitor is bidding towards the top of the limit for the keyword and continues to do so every month, it suggests it’s going to yield.

Be aware of the keywords they buy frequently as well as the ads they use with it.

To discover your competitor’s keywords that they use to advertise enter the domain’s name into SpyFu’s search box and search to find “PPC Research.” The menu offers the option of “PPC Keywords,” and this will show every search term that we’ve seen your competitor’s ads on.

The list can be filtered and exported or simply click through to continue searching for a specific keyword. From there, you can branch out to related keywords that may be more specific or focused. This lets you design more relevant ads to earn more quality.

You can Advertisement on long-tail keywords

When you’ve identified the core topics that you can rely on It’s time to look into more extensive search terms that arise from these topics. Utilize your most successful keywords, and think of ways people might be able to ask them specific questions. Make use of locations and scenarios for ideas.

Find an experienced plumber Professionally licensed plumbers for water heater repairs
Screenshot software Screenshot Software is available for iPad
Photography Online digital photograph course

Using long-tail keywords gives you a 3-step boost:

  1. The customer is already attuned to what you’re offering.
  2. It is possible to be extremely specific on your website’s landing page which will give your quality score an increase.
  3. A high quality score results in lower CPC and better ad placement and more clicks and less amount of money.


There are tools for keyword research to aid you in finding more effective long-tail phrases for your campaigns. Here are a few.

SpyFu Type in a “starter keyword” idea into SpyFu’s search engine, then choose the Related Keywords tab. SpyFu analyzes the results of other sites that purchase the same keyword and then analyzes other keywords similar to those that websites purchase every month.

Uber Suggestions In the event that you begin with a root term such as “coffee” the tool serves more extended variations that may provide new keyword ideas for you-“coffee stores close to my location.” There is the option to also ask for suggestions from the program to include keywords that are related to the most common search terms like images and shopping YouTube and even news.

WordStream is Similar to SpyFu in that you type in the keyword you want to search for and get concepts for expanding similar phrases. It adds to the volume of searches, and provides some other results, helping to limit the number of results.

Google auto-suggest- type your search terms into Google and take note of the keywords suggested by Google suggests. The suggestions are updated continuously and will surely generate traffic since they are built on actual user searches, not a word bank.

7 Tips to Improve your Google Ads Campaign for Beginners

Test fresh ideas for ad copy

Have you changed your ads’ text since you began your campaign? If not, a few small tests could pay off in big. Not only will optimized copy for ads bring more visitors to your site (per advertisement) but a higher click-through rate leads to more quality scores. (More about high-quality scores in the next section.)

Check your current standings direct you to:

  1. Make a benchmark with each version of your copy.
  2. You can compete with yourself. Do your best to increase your performance from the current level. Do not worry about the click rate that other industries or businesses receive. Begin with small wins and then build on them.
  3. Make sure you come up with changes or variations that still have relevance to the ad group or keywords.

Do more than number of visitors.

Make sure you measure your winnings by the bottom line. That is, simply since ad variation A has more clicks, ad variant B might get more conversions. In addition, if Ad Variation B is more successful in generating conversions, an ad variant C might result in greater sales.

If you can, always evaluate results using ROI, or, more commonly for advertisers, ROAS (return on an ad’s expenditure). This way you can determine the real winners and losers of the AdWords campaign.

Improve Your Quality Score

When you utilize keywords tools to calculate the cost of a search phrase’s CPC and CPC, the costs are estimated. The amount you pay varies from one advertiser to the next depending on a variety of factors, including their ad’s position as well as the relevancy of their landing page. is.

Google gives the Quality Score of your ads in order to decide how much you’ll be charged for every click, regardless of whether you’ve put in an offer.

  • Your Quality Score will affect the cost per click (CPC).

A Quality Score can be defined as a range of 1-10 that can be calculated based on your ad’s quality, the landing page’s experience, and your expected click-through rate (CTR).

If you are able to improve any of these three aspects then you can improve your Quality Score in the correct direction, which will help lower your overall ad cost. You’ll have more control over the quality of your ads and the experience on your landing page.

Enhance the relevancy of your ads by using relevant, useful advertising copy for narrow ad groups. Your landing page should be a reflection of what you stated in your ad and offer the user clear instructions about where to go to find the information they were looking for.

Consider it an opportunity for Google in order to create advertisements or landing pages as appropriate to search terms as you can. The better the match to the search, the less you’ll have to pay. This is a massive oversimplification, however, it’s a helpful guideline.

While you may delve deep into the details of the way Google determines Quality Scores as well as Ad Rank, it’s important to make it easier to understand through this basic guide on Google Ads. Don’t let this guide be a hindrance to you. If you’re looking to look into some of the more circular descriptions, take a check out Google’s explanations of the Quality ScoreAd Rank, and their distinctions.

Advice that is actionable

After the Google advertising campaign is live Keep an eye on the effectiveness of each keyword. Look for keywords that have low scores and determine whether you can improve their importance. If you are unable to come up with a method to optimize these keywords, it’s recommended to eliminate them and start with new keywords.

Concentrate on the score you get for keywords that have high intent. keywords. This does not necessarily mean “high volume.” Like we’ve seen with words such as “3M Headquarters,” Google will include St. Paul MN in the results in order to satisfy the users. There’s not much people have to do if it’s the solution they’re trying to discover. Keywords with high-intent are linked to search results where users are willing to take action through clicking a link.

Advanced Options



Extensions are optional features that you can activate to offer your advertisement more options. They could give the user your contact number or address. Also, they could provide links to different websites you would like people to look at (like About Us and Schedule an appointment and Menu).

There are also extensions that automate which pull in reviews of websites and ratings.

TIP: Alongside paying per click of an ad, you could also be charged for clicks on specific extensions, such as downloads and calls. In addition, your ad has to have a certain Ad Rank to qualify for extensions.

Your AdRank is the product of your bid along with how well you’ve done with your advertisement and your landing page.


This allows you to set your ads to only run at specific times during the day. When done correctly, dayparting can help you focus your efforts on customers at the best time of the day. It makes sense and can lower the cost of advertising. These could include ads for a lunch deal from 11 a.m. between 2 and 11 p.m. or advertisements for promotions on weekends that direct customers to a time-sensitive landing page.

Tips: Look for this option in Google Ads as a “custom schedule” or an “ad schedule” in the Settings tab.


A person visits your website and visits the sunglasses section. They then go to other sites and your advertisement for the exact tortoiseshell sunglasses that they were looking at appears as they read a news article or watch videos.

Remarketing is a way to make money. It is possible to create a display advertisement to be displayed on a different website through Google Display Network or the Google Display network or as an ad with text through Google Search Network. Google Search Network.

Tips: You’ll have to obtain a snippet in code via AdWords and put it on your website. After that, you should set up your lists so that Google is aware of what the visitor needs to do or see on your site prior to the time it can trigger your ad to another page.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

As we’ve mentioned, dynamic keywords allows you to immediately modify the ads to meet the needs of the person who was looking for.

It is possible to insert a dynamic keyword in the headline or the ad’s copy.

A warning:

scour your match types for these keywords with care in case you don’t give exactly what they are searching for and aren’t able to provide exactly what they searched, your advertisement will end in wasting a click and annoying the potential buyer.

Examples: Phrase matching “soccer cleats” using keywords that are dynamically added will show up on an internet search of “youth soccer cleats.” If you only have adult sizes that aren’t appropriate for an advertisement.

Optional: Utilize AdWords Templates to speed up the process of setting up your campaign

If it all appears overwhelming, don’t let that hinder you from enjoying the advantages of the benefits of a Google Ads campaign. Advertising on Google is quite simple. This is why we’ve been able to design some templates that will speed up your initial steps.

The templates are accessible for download from SpyFu. They serve as guides to help you start campaigns and are adjustable.

How do I use the template?

One of the most difficult aspects of advertising online could be solved by a pre-designed Google Ads campaign. With already-built PPC campaign templates allows you to speed through the setup.

The decision to start a Google Ads advertising campaign easy. It’s a lot more challenging to begin running it. After thinking about keywords and analyzing them You might be seeking confirmation that are investing on the correct keywords. After that, you’ll have to put them together and create appealing, eye-catching copy that is relevant and compete in a bid without depleting your budget.

Template is document that contains ads written by experts for the most relevant keywords in the sector. The content you get from “Pest Control” will be quite different than what you’d receive in the case of “DUI Lawyer.”

Each template allows you to build a complete ready-to-import AdWords campaign. The PPC templates comprise:

  • Relevant keywords relevant to the sector, set to exactly match
  • Bids -Bids – the price you are planning to pay per clickbased on SpyFu’s competitive keywords information.
  • Keywords organized in advertising groups.
  • Attention-grabbing ads: headlines and the copy for each ad group

What is it that makes it function?

Go to the AdWords Templates tab on Choose an industry from the drop-down list and we’ll begin the download. (Look at it within your downloaded folder or in the bar for downloading.)

The only thing you need to do is save it, so that you can load it into The AdWords Editor. The Editor will scan the file and fill the blanks like you’ve spent hours creating campaigns.

Do I require special software in order to use it?

  1. Google Ads Editor
  2. A current Google Ads (Adwords) account

The template is the form of a CSV file (a much like the Excel spreadsheet) however, you just have to download it. It is necessary get Google’s AdWords Editor from Google to be able to put the template’s data into action.

Campaign settings google ads

 such as changing your URL for each advertisement. You can also customize the campaign further by including branded keyword phrases and product keywords that are incorporated into their own advertisements.

It’s important to examine the bids you have set (and modify if needed). These are created to be competitive, but they are skew low. We believe you should always be testing and updating your bids which is why we offer you the chance to increase your bid. In the end, it’s crucial to ensure that your bids are within your budget.

The campaign isn’t launched until you’re sure it’s ready. You have complete control over the keywords you will advertise on, the amount you’ll bid on each one, the content of your advertisements and the exact date when the ads begin running.

You are able to do as much as you’d like to personalize the marketing campaign.

You can make as many changes as you’d like, or keep the process simple. In just five minutes, you’ll be able to start a new AdWords campaign going without the stress or hassle that come with it.

We’ve designed them to be simple to use. The instructions are on the page that will help you and give any clarifications you may require.

If you’re not able to find your sector in the list, you can send us a an inquiry for a template and we’ll help you get the template created.

Wrap Up – You’re Ready to Go!

When users search on Google they are looking for something particular. They’re searching with intention,they are heading to Google to seek solutions to their issues. Google has solutions. It’s a matter of being able to match the lookup at the right time.

Now that you’re at this point you’ve got the tools to begin. It is possible to erase any doubt because the speed and speed of PPC allows you to respond to any part in your marketing campaign which don’t work and fix the problem immediately. Learn from what you have discovered. Next, repeat the process.




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