Established in 2013, VCC Express is providing a quality-assured range of Cargo Services. We are the VCC Express a specialty cargo company dedicated to providing the best transportation service in India. With experienced Management and staff well cared for, we can deliver your specialized shipments when and how you need it. From its inception in Feb 2010, our mission has been to be a leader in specialized Air / Train transportation, providing fast, efficient and friendly service that is second to none! Starting with low, the company has expanded to keep pace with the rising need in the transportation industry. Evolving with the constantly changing requirements of today’s marketplace, VCC Express can meet any transportation need that may arise by offering specialized load and cargo services throughout India. Our ability to provide fast, innovative, cost-effective and reliable service has made us one of The Preferred Cargo Services in India.The special features of Metropolis Logistics are its direct flight / Train connections, late cut off and special services like Sunday and holiday deliveries. Metropolis Logistics offers hundred percent customer satisfactions backed by committed logistic support.

For a little over 3 years, we have earned the trust of a vast clientele that includes businesses of all sizes – from regular importers and exporters to top multi-national corporations. We have attained this vast success due to the inspirational leadership of our CEO and founder, Mr. Vikas Chaturvedi .